The Farm and The Fork was created to connect seaonal, fresh ingredients sourced from local farmer’s markets to your table – via our kitchen and the delicious foods we cook for you!

Our approach to cooking grew out of a lifelong love of cooking and eating real food – not dishes created by doctoring a can of soup or starting with a box of frozen something, but old-fashioned dishes made from scratch, based on the fresh, real foods that are now so abundantly available at local markets. We take inspiration from the Weston A. Price Foundation, as well as Slow Food, Julia Child, Marcella Hazan, Paula Wolfert, Diana Kennedy, Alice Waters, and so many other chefs, cooks, authors, and bloggers – not to mention generations of family cooks and bakers and farmers.

Every week, we cook from an inspired repertoire of soups and stews and salads and beverages and desserts, changing the menu weekly according to what’s in season, what’s fresh at the farmer’s market, and our own creative imagination.

We also make long-simmered bone broths, as well as dressings and sauces and condiments, which we call our Pantry Basics. We make these basics available to you, ready to incorporate into the foundation of your own good cooking.

We only cook with fresh, organic and/or sustainable, local, seasonal ingredients. No GMOs. Nothing artificial or synthetic. No substitutes for real food. Our meats and poultry, our eggs and dairy products, all come from animals raised on pasture. We stay away from new-fangled vegetable oils. We only use Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt. Our herbs and spices have not been irradiated.

It’s easy to order – see what’s on the menu for the week. Add the things you want to your cart, and check out – we’ll deliver to your door or to the farmer’s market for you to pick up when you do the rest of your shopping.

We look forward to cooking for you!